As talks of a national branding campaign grew over the past few years, #teamymc gathered with fellow credit union executives after some conference sessions in New Orleans for a little creative brainstorming over drinks. Long before the national campaign was unveiled, we started imagining what this national campaign might look like. Initial suggestions were shot down with responses that included:

“Nah, too vanilla.”
“Whoa! Not appropriate!”

One by one, additional suggestions were tossed around. Some worth considering. Some not-so-much. But as we tried to envision what a nationwide credit union campaign would look like, one idea stood out.

“We’re in New Orleans. Why not tap into a special kind of crazy—the kind that’s mixed with the legendary artistic talent this city is known for?” So, that’s just what we did. What began as a fun-loving concept starring New Orleans entertainment sensation and queen of viral videos, Valerie Sassyfras, quickly turned into a re-write of her hit song “Girls Night Out,” which has recently been featured on Ellen, MTV, and YouTube.

Not long after our marketing breakthrough, we sent Sassyfras into the recording studio to re-record “Girls Night Out” with a unique credit-union-themed twist. Before we knew it, we had a full video production crew in Confetti Park—the site where her viral video was originally filmed during Mardi Gras 2018.
But why? Why go through all of this effort when a national campaign was already underway? “Because as an industry, we tend to take ourselves way too seriously,” said Your Marketing Co. President and CEO, Bo McDonald. Over the past decade, the YMC team has become known for its, shall we say, unique creative campaigns that have helped their credit union clients stand out from the cookie-cutter competitors in their market. “This was a chance to have a little fun at the expense of the countless bankers who make so many consumers want to poke their eyes out.” McDonald added.
All that was left was figuring out when and where to share this masterpiece with the public. The answer came quickly. The perfect time to launch this video would be mid-March, when thousands of credit union leaders descend upon Washington DC to hike the hill and share the good works of our industry in the nation’s capital.
“They’ll probably facepalm and shake their heads at the Sassyfras craziness” McDonald admitted when asked how the trade association might respond. “But in the end, I hope this is something fun that credit union leaders can rally around and share a laugh about as we do our best to show our elected officials why consumers across the country feel so incredibly frustrated when it comes to the big banks.”

Interested in using this creative free of charge for you credit union? Contact YMC for more details.